Kardan University Launches Student-Alumni Mentorship Program to Help Advance Students and Alumni Success

Kardan University Launches Student-Alumni Mentorship Program to Help Advance Students and Alumni Success

In an effort to advance student and alumni success, Kardan University launched the Student-Alumni Mentorship Program (SAMP) on June 20, 2021, with the participation of mentors (alumni), mentees (students), and the University leadership to connect the accomplished leaders with aspiring young professionals as part of their academic and professional excellence journey.

The initiative is designed to encourage students through the shared knowledge and experience of leading industry experts and enhance future leaders' experience by providing hands-on learning and professional development opportunities with the accomplished alumni.

The Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) will allow students and alumni to engage in mutually rewarding relationships focused on student academic and professional goals. Through this program, mentors can provide guidance and support to Kardan University's students by exchanging ideas and sharing their experiences and knowledge of academic and career paths. The program will also allow students (mentees) to begin networking and developing careers and leadership roles through the relationship built with knowledgeable alumni (mentors).

"Your participation as a mentor demonstrates your commitment towards the academic, personal and professional development of Kardan University's students and the young generation of the country as a whole," said Mr. Mirwais Nahzat, Chief Operating Officer of Kardan University. "I am pleased that our alumni who serve as a mentor in this program are remarkable change-makers and leaders of Afghanistan's public, private, and non-profit sectors. I could not be more grateful, prouder, and feel special about the kind of people we have as a mentor in this program. On behalf of Kardan University management, let me thank you for your commitment to your University and the community. Our mentee should take advantage of this exceptional and life-changing opportunity, and the success of this initiative depends on your commitment," he added.

"Thank you to Kardan University for this great initiative. This program will be an important step in helping Kardan University's students transition from student life to work life and assist in strengthening their self-image and vision of their future," said Mr. Abdul Azim Atarud, MBA' 18 and a mentor in Kardan University's Student- Alumni Mentorship Program.

"I believe that students are not the only ones to benefit from this program. It is also personally fulfilling for mentors. This program provides an important opportunity for us, the mentors, to reconnect with our alma mater and build life-long relationships with the students. I am so happy to be part of this great initiative," said Huma Kamjo Saleemi, MBA' 19 and one of Kardan University's Student-Alumni Mentorship mentors.

"In fact, mentorship is the process of two-way learning, and it is how you guide and encourage the students to achieve their goals. I am so happy that Kardan University has taken this initiative for the first time in Afghanistan. We together will create a culture of learning through this initiative. I enjoy collaborative learning; helping others is rewarding, and I want to help Kardan University students make their dreams a reality," said Mr. Nizamuddin Rezahi, one of the mentors and a graduate of Kardan University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

"I would like to thank Kardan University's management and our mentors for providing this great platform that positively influences our personal and professional life. Over time, this can open the door to the opportunities for us, as we seek academic guidance, career advice, research, networking, and personal and professional development advice from our talented and experienced mentors," said Rohina Panah, a BBA student and one of the mentees.

"I am ready (and excited!) to receive instruction from my talented and well-experienced mentor. With the help of my mentor, I can make better and more confident decisions to successfully address my needs and challenges in my personal and professional life," said Enyatullah Sohrabi, mentee, and Kardan University's Law student.

"The main goal of this initiative is to empower Kardan University's students by matching them with mentors based on a variety of characteristics, including the field of study, research, job, and career and professional interests for eight to ten hours per month over six months," said Mr. Eqbal Nahzat, Kardan University's Alumni Relations Officer.

For more information about the program, please visit kardan.edu.af/Alumni/alumni-mentorship-program.aspx.