Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Merit-based Scholarship and Financial Assistance at Kardan University.

Continuing Kardan University students and prospective students to Kardan University who convene all requirements for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs could qualify for financial assistance. At the commencement of each academic semester or academic year, students must apply and reapply for financial aid by submitting the Financial Assistance Application Form to Scholarships and Financial Assistance Office. Financial assistance might raise or plunge due to specific changes in the student's financial position, or the amount of funding may vary for financial aid every semester or year.

Eligibility Criteria for Merit-based Scholarship

Students fulfilling the following criteria will be eligible for the continuing merit scholarship.Students fulfilling the following criteria will be eligible for the continuing merit scholarship.

  • Student must complete Kardan University Continuing Scholarship form.
  • 98 % of the total previous semester marks for under graduate student.
  • 95 % of the total previous semester marks for post graduate student.
  • A student must maintain 75% attendance in the previous semester.
  • A student should maintain a minimum of 4.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) in the previous semester and a minimum of 3.8 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).
  • Students with active participation in community engagement activities are preferred.

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Assistance

Students who meet the following stipulated eligibility criteria are considered for assistance.

For New Students

  • Indication of Financial need through a purpose statement
  • Applicant demonstrates academic, sporting or public service potential and achievements
  • Applicant must appear in person for an interview
  • Applicant should meet admission eligibility criteria for their program of study

For Existing Students

  • The student must be registered for a minimum of 15 credits
  • The student has not been penalized due to late fee payment in the previous semester
  • The student must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • The student must have a minimum attendance of 85%
  • The student demonstrates community service or research contribution