Freezing and Rejoining Students

Deferral or Freezing and Rejoining the Program of Study

  • Once a student is registered to a program of study and does not show up within two weeks after the starting of the classes without informing the department will be dropped from the program and will require re-registering. The entry test results of the student remain valid for one year and if a student wants to join the degree program after one year will need to re-appear for the entry test.
  • Those students, who want to freeze their studies, should write an application to the respective department requesting for study freeze. The total period of study freeze is one year (two consecutive semesters or one semester at a time) throughout the program duration. The approval of the Academic Council of the University and Ministry of Higher Education is required for exceptional cases of emergencies, illness, and other genuine cases where a study freeze of more than one year is required.
  • Those students who make the course selection and freeze their studies without informing the department, will be charged a tuition fee for the semester and will need to clear the financial dues before their re-join is processed.
  • If a student is freezing her/his studies during the semester without completing the semester, her/his achieved grades will not transfer to future semesters
  • Those students wishing to rejoin the program after the deferral should approach the Office of Registrar during the first two weeks of the semester. No rejoin will be processed after the two weeks from the start of the semester.