Transfer Students

Kardan University accepts University level transfer credits from locally, regionally, and internationally accredited universities. Courses from institutions that are not accredited are generally not transferable to Kardan University. Only transfer courses with a grade of D or higher is eligible for transfer consideration. Transfer courses in programs that are not offered at Kardan University will not be accepted for credit consideration. Those students wishing to transfer their course credits to Kardan University will require to fulfill all Ministry of Higher Education credit transfer procedures and submit official transcripts to Kardan University. Kardan University may accept a maximum 50 percent of credits from other accredited institutions. Transfer students will be required to complete at least 50 percent of their remaining studies at Kardan University in order to be eligible for admission.

College Level Credits Transfer

In some disciplines such as Journalism, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Civil Engineering; credits can be transferred to Kardan University from the accredited colleges. Only transfer courses with a grade of B or higher is eligible for transfer consideration. The number of transferred credits depends on the alignment of courses with the Kardan University curriculum and will be at the discretion of the Academic Administrator of the department who will review for the equivalency.

International Credits

In order to evaluate the transcripts from the international schools, the following conditions must be met:

  • The student provides a transcript and course description of classes completed.
  • The language of the student’s institution is English and all transcripts and documents are in English.
  • The student’s institution is an accredited University.
  • Credits from institutions primarily focused on vocational and technical training are generally not transferable.
  • The candidate meets all the admission criteria at Kardan University.

Once conditions are met, the Registration Office and the Academic Administrator of the department will evaluate courses for equivalency. Courses without an equivalent Kardan University course are generally not transferable.

Technical or Vocational Courses

Generally, technical, vocational, or occupational courses are not transferable to Kardan University.


The exemption is given when the content of the course a student studied elsewhere is assessed as being similar to the content of the course a student is required to complete at Kardan University., but not similar enough for direct credit. If a student is given an exemption, he/she does not have to complete the required course at Kardan University but will need to complete a replacement course towards the program. The exemption is indicated as EX in the transcript with a pass/fail status. To have possible exemptions evaluated, the student must complete an application for exemption through their Academic Administrator Office during the first two weeks of the semester.

The following points to be considered by the students before applying for exemption.

  • The applicant must currently be enrolled at Kardan University.
  • The exemption must be for an equivalent academic or professional qualification.
  • Exemptions will only be considered for individuals who obtained their qualifications in the last five years.

Kardan University may require the individual to write and pass an examination if they request to be exempted from a particular course.

  • A maximum of four courses can be exempted, students will not be granted an exemption for capstone research projects or theses.
  • Exemptions awarded to a student do not contribute to the GPA.
  • The University will not require fee payment for the exempted courses.

Credit Transfer Process from National Universities

  • Obtain the transfer form from the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Confirm transfer from the university currently student is studying
  • Get approval from Kardan University
  • Submit the transfer form to the Ministry of Higher Education. The MoHE evaluates the credit transfer form and if approved, the student will be introduced to the Kardan University
  • Transfer credits are evaluated by the Office of Registrar and the students will be enrolled at Kardan University based on the credit equivalency.

Credit Transfer Process for International Students

The credit transfer cases for international students are managed by the Ministry of Higher Education. Students willing to transfer the credit course from other international accredited Institutions are required to submit an application to the Ministry of Higher Education for their credit transfer. The Ministry evaluates their documents and introduces them to Kardan University through an official letter.

Credit Transfer for 14th Grade Students

Kardan University accepts credit transfer from other national midlevel Higher Education Studies Institutions. The student will be admitted to the relevant field of study. The 14th-grade graduates are requiring undertaking the following to get admitted at Kardan University:

  • Must have fulfilled 80% or above in their 14th-grade transcript
  • Provide the Ministry of Education attested diploma and transcript
  • Successfully pass Kardan University’s entry test.