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We believe that faculty are learners and as such, will continue to strive to improve their work. Faculty members develop over a lifespan of their careers and that each career span requires a different faculty development approach. Improving also means that their classrooms will become more inclusive and learner-centered. We believe that learning happens in community within one’s discipline and with others across the campus.

Guiding Principles

  • Integrity: By paying attention to the highest ethical standards in all domains, persistence and demand for honesty, decency and fairness,
  • Academic freedom: Current commitment not to compromise academic freedom; its advancement is seen as the foundation for any forthcoming faculty development undertaking,
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Inter-disciplinary, teamwork, readiness to help each other, external partnerships, and capacity to create new fields of development paradigms.
Samander Bawar
FDC Coordinator
0770 100 100

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