Kardan University Organizes Faculty and Staff Meeting 2021

Kardan University Organizes Faculty and Staff Meeting 2021

Kardan University organized a meeting for its faculty and staff on Aug 7, 2021, to inform and engage them on University-wide progress, achievements, challenges, and future direction at the Conference Hall, Taimani Campus.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Musa Farooqi, Kardan University's Human Resources Manager, introduced new employees who joined the University in 2021 and welcomed them to Kardan University, followed by a video presentation of Kardan University's VISION 2025, highlighting the University's strategic objectives, initiatives, and core values.

After the video presentation, Chancellor Roeen Rahmani delivered a presentation on the University-wide progress, achievements, challenges, and future direction. "We are among few organizations that, despite too many challenges, are not giving up on our commitments, perseverance, and determination. We established Kardan University in 2002 with only a $300 total investment, but we promised that we would reinvest in the University whatever we earn. We grew from a very small institution to the first private University in Afghanistan in 2006, and now we are the best University in Afghanistan," said Chancellor Rahmani.

He pointed on Kardan University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and said, "Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic was amazing. We provided online education to our students and managed the situation. This shows that people believe in us. I can assure you that we are the only fully research-based organization in Afghanistan."

Chancellor Rahmani added, "We are building our own campus, a world-class campus, and will expand our academic programs. If peace comes, then no one will be able to stop us or compete with us in Afghanistan, as we will work towards the development of Kardan University further."

After the end of the Chancellor's presentation, participants also shared their viewpoints regarding Kardan University's future direction. "When I was a visiting lecturer, I wrote my first research paper with the help of Kardan University's Department of Political Science and International Relations. This shows that Kardan University is a research-based organization that inspires its faculty to conduct quality research," said Mohammad Kawsar Dawlatzai, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political & International Relations.

Dr. Mohammad Zahir Ayubi, Chief of Staff, also mentioned that Kardan University has the most advanced curriculum in the country by giving a students' example. He said, "One of our students who had completed six semesters at Kardan University immigrated to California, USA. After providing his transcript to one of the universities there, he was accepted to continue his studies there from the seventh semester."

Building on our first strategic plan's lessons learned and best practices, we designed vision 2025 in a participatory, transparent, and inclusive manner. VISION 2025 consists of five strategic objectives and two strategic initiatives. The strategic objectives are academic expansion and excellence, student and alumni success, research excellence, brand identity, and institutional development. The strategic initiatives include the establishment of Centers of Excellence and the Kardan Foundation.

To learn more about our VISION 2025, please visit https://kardan.edu.af/Vision2025/.