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Gender & Alumni Relations

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In order to build a productive and long lasting relationship with more than 30,000 alumni and also to manage gender related issues, Kardan University has created the office of Gender and Alumni Relations. This office offers a variety of different services; which include organizing capacity building programs for intellectual and professional development of alumni, sports competitions, and many other co and extracurricular activities. Alumni can stay in touch with their alma mater and get involved in many clubs and networks which can certainly help them in enriching their professional careers.

Another function of this office is to address gender related issues that may be faced by students or staff members. It organizes awareness programs in order to create a balanced, gender neutral work and study environment in the university. Creation of the Gender Committee (which is formed by staff members and active students) helps this office in implementing its programs and ensuring a friendly study and work environment for students and staff of both genders.

Muzhgan Sadat

Supervisor, Gender & Alumni Relations




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