Mentorship Program

The alumni-student mentorship program is a unique initiative aimed at helping low-income students (who fall into the bottom 20% of the household income group) successfully complete the university. Through this free of cost program, mentors provide guidance on employability skills, the job market, and other supports for the low-income students of Kardan University to increase their chances of getting employed to finance their studies. The program also focused on experience and knowledge sharing among alumni and students and finding employment opportunities for low-income students through utilizing alumni networks and expertise.

Areas of Mentorship

The alumni-student mentorship program will allow students and alumni to engage in mutually rewarding relationships focused on student academic and professional goals.

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Profile of Mentors



Mentors will be expected to have a passion for sharing their experience with students and, in the process, build their leadership skills and profile. Mentors will act as storytellers, role models, advisors, or supporters.

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Mentees will be selected from students who want to learn and grow in their career and academic field by seeking guidance and insights from experienced alumni.

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Eqbal Nahzat

Alumni Relations Officer

Email: alumni@kardan.edu.af