Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Develop up-to-date organizational and professional knowledge
  • Develop the ability to challenge, stimulate and reflect
  • Offer an opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience
  • Develop personal leadership and coaching skills
  • Invaluable networking opportunities through interactions with fellow mentors
  • Share mentorship practices with fellow mentors
  • Personal satisfaction by directly contributing to mentee growth and development
  • Strengthened connection to the University through engagement with students and fellow alumni
  • Preparing future leaders to continue influencing the various marketplaces of life
  • Featuring on the University's website and social media platforms


  • Have two-plus years of professional experience
  • Be able to communicate with the mentee at least once a month through appropriate channels (i.e., email, phone, in-person, etc.)
  • Be able to attend the mentorship events (commitment of approximately 8-10 hours per month)
  • Fill the online application form

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Help mentees identify and set goals, track progress, and adapt to changes
  • Help mentee establish long term and short term Action Plans
  • Proactively maintain contact and encourage open communication
  • Clarify concepts and proactively seek answers to the mentee's questions
  • Facilitate career planning and development skills (targeting, networking, resume building)
  • Encourage professionalism
  • Reinforce essential competencies and skills valued for a successful career in the chosen field
  • Serve as a role model by demonstrating professional behavior
  • Encourage introspection
  • Maintain privacy/confidentiality
  • Set expectations with your mentee regarding how and when you will remain in contact
  • Respond to all communications promptly
  • Notify the University of any issues during your time as a mentor
  • Provide feedback about your experience through an evaluation survey