Admission Process

Kardan University is the top choice for higher education among aspiring students. We are here to inform, support and guide you through decision making process. Whether you are interested in our diploma, bachelor or master level programs, we are here to help. Please explore our programs and services to find your place at Kardan University.

Kardan University admits students into the undergraduate and graduate programs based on the specific requirements established by the Ministry of Higher Education. The University is also an accredited member of the International accreditation council for Business Education (IACBE) and follows international standards during the admission process.

You will need to meet certain program-specific admission requirements. These requirements may include English Language proficiency tests, interviews and admission tests. Please review each program’s admission requirements carefully before applying.

Application Form

The application form is available on our website as well as at both the Parwan-e-Du and Taimani Campuses. This form mainly consists of the following sections:

  • Questions regarding personal information and educational background.
  • Options to select the program you are applying for.
  • A declaration for you to read and confirm the information and documentation provided in your application is correct

Apply Online