Types of Scholarships

Types of Scholarship and Financial Assistance at Kardan University.

We admire your talent, your active role and achievements! Kardan University provides the most generous scholarships and financial assistance in the country. In recognition of academic excellence and merit, Kardan University starts offering wide range of scholarships and financial assistance.

Kardan University grants Continuing Scholarship to students who demonstrate dedication to academic excellence and a commitment to abide by the disciplinary standards. The purpose of scholarships and financial assistance is to financially support the best and brightest students who bear strong academic, leadership and artistic competencies and skills.

Types of Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

Kardan University offers merit-based scholarships to students of undergraduate and graduate programs who are in excellent academic and disciplinary standings. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of spring and fall semesters and are valid only for one semester.

Students fulfilling the following criteria will be eligible for the continuing scholarship:

  • Candidates with a minimum of 75% attendance in previous semester.
  • Candidates attaining a minimum of 4.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) in the previous semester and a minimum of 3.8 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).
  • Candidates with active participation in community engagement activities are preferred.

Athletic Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Sports play important role in the mental and physical wellbeing of the students. Apart from academic achievements, Kardan University admires sporting activities and has allocated generous scholarships and financial assistance to these extra-curricular activities of sports. Those students who have active role in sporting activities within clubs, and have vital achievements will receive scholarships and financial assistance from Kardan University.

Co and Extracurricular Activities Scholarships

Co-curricular activities are the ones that come along with curriculum. Extra-curricular activities are not part of the curriculum such as debates, competitions and student expo. Students who may have outstanding or extra ordinary achievements, extracurricular or class activities would be considered for a scholarship award. The nature of this scholarship varies with the passage of time.