Campus Tour


Kardan University has three campuses in Kabul. These campuses are managed by experienced administrators who ensure the development of a progressive learning and teaching environment.

Kardan University’s campuses are located in Taimani Square and Parwan-e-Du. Kardan School of Graduate Studies is designed, especially for our master-level programs.

Admission and Information Office

The information office is the visitors’ first stop inside the university. Staffed by professional representatives, we are here to provide you with necessary admissions information and services


The cafe provides a variety of regular meals and fast food options. The cafeteria offers an innovative and affordably priced menu. It serves a broad selection of items that appeal to every taste and dietary preference.

In addition to its delicious food, the cafeteria is a great place to gather and connect with the Kardan University community. The cafe is open every day and offers a variety of drinks and snacks between scheduled meals.

Student Success Center

Kardan University’s Success Center is the first student-focused initiative of its kind in Afghanistan. The center assists our students and alumni to achieve personal and professional excellence. The center is a hub for academic and extra-curricular initiatives that aim to help our students and alumni become more efficient, effective and successful.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services at Kardan University assists our students and alumni to achieve their career goals through a range of specialized programs and services. From training workshops to professional development programs and employment-specific support, we are here to help you achieve personal and professional success.

We advise, train, and guide job seekers and professionals. Contact us today to learn about exciting student clubs, training seminars, sports games, and much more!

Student Involvement and Events

The Office of Student Involvement and Events provides opportunities for students to engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to promote leadership and skills development, self-exploration, sporting, and social interaction. Through supporting students’ engagement outside the classroom, we establish student clubs, organize events, seminars, conferences and study tours that offer students and alumni a meaningful educational experience.

Gender and Alumni Relations

In order to build a productive and long-lasting relationship with more than 30,000 alumni and also to manage gender-related issues, Kardan University has created the office of Gender and Alumni Relations. This office offers a variety of services; which include organizing capacity building programs for intellectual and professional development of alumni, sports competitions, and many other co and extracurricular activities.

Writing and Communication Center

The Writing Center at Kardan University is an advising and tutoring service which aims at providing professional academic guidance to undergraduate and graduate students. The establishment of this center is in part contributing to Kardan University's strategic goal of inspiring students’ personal and professional excellence. The main purpose of the center is to enable students and graduates of Kardan University to produce pieces of writing which are not only grammatically correct but also impressive in terms of content and presentation.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Kardan University offers a wide range of scholarships to incoming and current students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential and/or are active in their communities. We grant continuing scholarships to students who demonstrate dedication to academic excellence and also a commitment to abide by the disciplinary standards. If you have excellent academic records or need any financial advice regarding the cost of your education, we are here to assist you.

Library Services

The Kardan University mission is to deliver a world-class library experience and information services to meet the needs of the university community. Students can enjoy computer and Internet facilities, access courses and research collections (both printed and online) as well as quiet reading rooms for individual or group study sessions. Kardan University library recently got equipped with digital devices. With the activation of these new technologies; searching, borrowing and returning books by students is enhanced to a great extent. Join us for a world of knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips!

Breakout Rooms

Need to do some group-work or work on a team project? Kardan University’s breakout rooms are specially designed for group-work, team exercises and joint assignments for our students.

Computer Labs

Kardan University’s computer labs offer modern IT services to students and faculty throughout the academic year.

Computer labs include Windows systems, printers, a wide variety of current software, and high-speed connections to the Internet. Additional resources in select computer labs include flatbed scanners; audio, video, and image editing; and web and print publishing.

Class Rooms

Spacious classrooms each equipped with a widescreen LCD panel, a whiteboard, and comfortable chairs to accommodate around fifty students in each class.

Conference Hall

The University’s Conference Hall is the preferred destination for a diverse range of conferences, workshops, and special events. The conference hall has a capacity of 300 people and can be booked for major public speaking and academic events through the Student Involvement and Events Department.

Female Lounge and Prayer Rooms

Kardan University provides a safe, attractive and convenient learning and social environment for our female students. The female lounge and prayer rooms across the campuses are great spaces dedicated to female students during the university hours.

Faculty Rooms and Hours

Need to consult your professor? Interested in discussing your exams? We offer appointments with the professors, giving you an opportunity to interact and meet with your instructors outside the classrooms. Get in touch with the Faculty Assistant to book your next faculty appointment.

Merit Scholarships

Kardan University offers competitive and merit-based scholarships to incoming and current students at the bachelor level. In addition, students have access to a wide variety of financial assistance programs aimed to increase equal learning opportunities for all Afghans. We remain committed to inspiring the next generation of Afghan leaders!

Field Trips

We believe that field trips can make a huge contribution to student learning and course enjoyment. Field trips and practical work are integral to the studies at Kardan University.

Innovation Lab

Kardan University Innovation Lab is an enabling platform for Computer Science and Engineering students to let them put their learned theories to the test, learn new things, get familiar with new technologies, and be an inspiration for others. In i-Lab, we provide a learning environment where teams of students can build innovative products and gadgets using open-source hardware, open-source software, and available technologies. From a smartphone-controlled light switch to a gesture-controlled flying drone, they can put their imaginations in action. Necessary equipment and facilities will be provided by Kardan University.


In line with Kardan University’s strategic goal of ‘Excellence in Innovation and Growth’, we are glad to announce the establishment of Kardan University CISCO Lab. The facility will enable Computer Science students, especially those studying networking related subjects, to practice the theories they learn in class. The lab will ultimately prepare the students for going ahead for CISCO Certifications which have high credibility worldwide. There are various levels of CISCO certifications, which include the Associate, Professional and Expert levels.

Engineering Lab

Kardan University Engineering Lab is equipped with the latest equipment which allows Engineering students to practice the theories they learn in class. The lab is devoted to the advancement of practical education and technology in the field of Engineering. Additionally, it offers the student the opportunity to put their ideas together and come up with creative solutions to the existing problems related to the field of Engineering.

Engineering Showroom

Kardan University Engineering Showroom is designed to illustrate the corporate values of the institution which includes innovation, research and growth – and it showcases the engineering equipment and solutions.

The showroom does not only exhibit the facilities the University provides to its students but also acts as a source of motivation for technology-minded students.

Journalism Studio

Equipped with the latest features, the journalism studio of Kardan University is a perfect place for any professional production and recording. Leveraging its technologies and professional broadcasting equipment allows Journalism students to make anything possible. Also, students can utilize the studio to rehearse their practical work and improve their journalistic skills.


We are committed to providing our students, staff and community with the best possible opportunities to start, stay and succeed in the sport. Kardan University manages cricket, football, and volleyball teams.

By providing a balanced program with plenty of variety, we cater to a wide range of abilities and include both those students who are sports enthusiasts and those who want to have fun whilst learning new skills.


Convocation is a great public occasion when Kardan University celebrates the accomplishments of its graduates. It is a commemoration of our students’ life at Kardan University and an opportunity to share this significant milestone with faculty, peers, family, and friends.