Areas of Mentorship

Kardan University's Mentors (alumni) help low-income students complete their studies and enable them to be ready for the job market by providing them guidance in the following areas:

  • Continuing Education (Graduate application, how to choose a university, share your experiences with the student if it is a path they are considering. discuss pros and cons and relevance in your work industry in terms of advancement.)
  • Job search (Critiquing a resume or cover letter, providing feedback on what industries are looking for in new graduates, reviewing improvements for growth. how and where to search for jobs/internships within your sector, conducting mock interviews, giving feedback on mentee's CV.)
  • Career Conversations (Conversing about the ever-changing job search process and possible employment opportunities, including steps for gainful employment, current trends, organizational culture, how to make a choice, incorporating practice interviews with the student is an invaluable experience and helps the student see areas of strength and improvements.)
  • Networking (Talking to the student about the best practices for networking as a new professional, within the industry you work in, and any pitfalls to avoid. What networking approaches are the best, how to network, and where.)
  • Research Opportunities (What areas are the most required, how to do research, etc.)