Kardan University held its Annual Exhibition of Engineering and technology

Exhibition of Engineering and Technology
Kardan University held its annual exhibition of engineering and technology on November 16, 2023. The event featured over 25 projects created by talented students from the Civil engineering and Computer science departments.

Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, the chancellor of Kardan University, commended the students' creativity and initiatives, emphasizing the university's support for their projects.
He also mentioned the interest of government institutions, such as the Municipality of Kabul and the Department of Technical and Vocational Institutions, in implementing these projects.

Tawfiq Pouya, the Head of the Civil Engineering Faculty, said, the exhibition aimed to appreciate and support the creativity of students and impel them for further innovations.

Daniyal Mehdi, a student from the Civil Engineering Department, shared his experience working on a project for the intersection of the airport road using basic materials.
He expressed gratitude to his professors and mentors for their guidance and support throughout the project design.

Sohrab Helali, a 7th-semester student from the Computer Science Department, emphasized the importance of practical work during academic studies and its relevance to future career prospects.

The exhibition received support and appreciation from participants, with many recognizing the value of such events in students' academic journeys.

Kardan University remains committed to enhancing students' practical skills and preparing them for the job market.