Kardan University Conducts a Virtual Session on Peace and Justice in Islam

Kardan University Conducts a Virtual Session on Peace and Justice in Islam

Kardan University's Department of Economics conducted a virtual session on Peace and Justice in Islam on June 21, 2021, as part of its commitment to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Mr. Najeebullah Omari, Advisor to the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, and Mr. Abdul Qadir Saqib, a State Ministry for Peace representative, delivered this session to the participants. Guest speakers talked about peace and justice from an Islamic perspective and best practices for sustainable peace. The primary purpose of the session was to raise students' awareness regarding peace and justice in Islam by engaging different stakeholders, especially governmental agencies.

"Today's virtual session was a testament to our commitment to achieving SDG 16. By engaging governmental agencies, especially the State Ministry for Peace, we are helping our students gain the essential knowledge of peace and justice in Islam and the best practices for bringing sustainable peace," said Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Alokozai, Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics.  

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