Kardan University's Bachelor of Civil Engineering Graduate Wins the DAAD Prize

Kardan University's Bachelor of Civil Engineering Graduate Wins the DAAD Prize

Mr. Najibullah Kakar, Kardan University's Bachelor of Civil Engineering graduate, has been announced as the winner of the DAAD Prize 2021 for his outstanding social impact on the community by the University of Potsdam, Germany.

Mr. Kakar is pursuing his Master's degree in "Remote Sensing, Geoformation and Visualization" at the University of Potsdam. The DAAD Prize is primarily awarded to international students who have distinguished academic achievements and are committed to the public and social implications. Mr. Karkar's research papers on GFZ topics have been published in vinous pre-reviewed journals. He is currently preparing his Master's thesis on "Slope Instability Detection in Northeastern Afghanistan." 

Since December 2015, Mr. Kakar has also been part of the research and geographic information systems specialist team of the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC). In this position, he led international research projects at the GFZ, the University of Montana, and Potsdam University in Germany. Furthermore, He has been highly active in the field of research and GIS with different organizations by attending several pieces of training in Germany, the USA, Geneva, and Kyrgyzstan.

In the long term, Mr. Kakar intends to establish a center for research on natural disasters in Afghanistan. This initiative will be an exchange and implementation platform for students, teachers, and local and international researchers to help protect Afghanistan's population from natural disasters.

Read more about this achievement at https://bit.ly/36uIahq. You can watch the video of the Award Ceremony at https://bit.ly/3idR3l1.