Bachelor of Business Administration Student is Recognized as the Best Reader of the Month

Bachelor of Business Administration Student is Recognized as the Best Reader of the Month

Mr. Abdullah Shahwali, a Bachelor of Business Administration student, received Kardan University's library premium card after securing the "Best Reader of the Month" title. He read five books during June 2021, including; The Old Man and the Sea, The Prince, Writing Essays, Inspiring Others, and Instant Time Management.

Mr. Abdullah is interested in reading books and is willing to give his time and energy to study books and enrich his knowledge using Kardan University's Library resources. By receiving Kardan University's library premium card, he will be able to have access to all library resources, print and copy documents without any charges, borrow up to five books at the same time for 30 days, and reserve the library discussion room for unlimited time during working hours. He will also have a chance to attend national and international library events.

“I am very pleased that I have been selected for the month's best reader. In fact, now I have been inspired to read more books and gain more knowledge, I would like to thank Kardan University's Library for providing excellent services and programs for students” Mr. Wahidi said.

Best Reader of the Month is Kardan University's Library program that recognizes the students who actively participate in the library activities and study up to five books in a month. The best reader of the month is selected through a formal nomination and selection process every month.

Kardan library is attracting students to its rich and extensive print, eBook, online and manuscript collections. The library offers a variety of study environments, from study spaces to vibrant group work quiet rooms. There are extensive computer facilities, and the library is subscribed to major academic research e-Libraries.

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