Qais Mohammadi Represents Kardan University at the Built and Road Initiative Forum

Qais Mohammadi Represents Kardan University at the Built and Road Initiative Forum

Kardan University's Academic Administrator for the Department of Economics, Mr. Qais Mohammadi, represented Kardan University at the "Building Academic Linkages within BRI Countries" webinar conducted on May 7, 2021, by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.  

The Webinar was conducted as a part of the Built and Road Initiative (BRI) Forum, aiming to promote and develop academic research, innovation, and pedagogical linkages among educational institutions in BRI countries. The Forum also focused on joint-collaboration on gathering and measuring progress, sharing best practices and knowledge on major developmental areas including SDG 1: no poverty, SDG 3: good health and wellbeing, SDG 2: zero hunger, SDG 8: decent work and economic growth in BRI countries. Academicians, researchers, professors, and experts from Afghanistan, France, China, Iran, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan attended the Webinar. 

Mr. Mohammadi emphasized the significance of Afghanistan's natural resources, especially its extensive mines worth more than USD 3 trillion. He mentioned that the extraction of these mines and their use could benefit the region's economic growth, and Kardan University could take the lead in building academic linkages with the BRI countries. He added, "The year-round sunshine, wind, and water could be the significant sources of energy for the region, and fortunately, Afghanistan is full of such natural resources." 

The BRI Forum is aimed to assist President Xi Jinping's vision for building a community shared future for humanity and offers a unique opportunity for groups and individuals from the BRI countries to converge and share knowledge, experience and develop lasting collaborations.

The Forum also provides Information from BRI countries through media linkages, country assessment reports, and research studies on culture, health, agriculture, diplomacy, economy, and development insights.  

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