Launch of Kardan University's Revamped Learning Management Systems Portal

Launch of Kardan University's Revamped Learning Management Systems Portal

As part of Kardan University's commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 4: Quality Education, Kardan University took another significant step towards the digitalization of the University by launching the new learning management system,  a comprehensive portal for students and faculty.  The Learning Management System (LMS) at Kardan University represents the most advanced educational portal in Afghanistan's higher education sector. First developed in early 2006, this technology helps improve learning and teaching while enhancing productivity, communications, flexibility, and student experience.  

The features, updated further given the COVID-19 pandemic, include uploading and downloading learning contents, serving notifications, delivery of online attendance, lessons, exams, and seamless communications between the faculty and students. Our Management Information System (MIS) team is proud to launch the latest version of this technology to assist our faculty and students better.  

"Kardan University had a portal to guide the work of both faculty and students, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, and helped in the delivery of online classes during the lockdown. Now, we have further enriched University's portal. It took a couple of months to design and implement the current portal, and now we can say that our portal is compatible with international standards of Learning Management like Canvas, Moodle, and Doodle," said Alauddin Qureshi, Kardan University's Management Information System (MIS) Coordinator.  

Farzana, an MBA Student, expressed her gratitude to the University's leadership and MIS team for developing such a portal for students and mentioned that the LMS platform, which has recently been updated, is a user-friendly platform. She said, "We can find the materials, discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes all in one sitting. We can download our assignments easily and upload them upon their completion. Apart from this, it is very convenient to select and drop our subject on our own at the initial stage of semester inception." 

The Management Information System Department is responsible for meeting the technology needs of Kardan University by providing robust software services and support to faculty, students, and staff. 

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