Kardan School of Graduate Studies Organizes a Student Panel Discussion on Self-Reliance

Kardan School of Graduate Studies Organizes a Student Panel Discussion on Self-Reliance

As part of Kardan University's commitment to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 4: Quality Education, Kardan School of Graduate Studies organized a student panel discussion on the role of Afghan youth in achieving self-reliance on Saturday, May 1, 2021.

The event brought together Masters in International Relations (MIR) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) students, faculty, and staff to highlight youth engagement in critical national priorities. 

In this discussion, four panelists, including Abdullah Fahim, MBA student, Shkola Zadran, MIR student, Farhad Safi, MBA student, and Maryam Stanakzai, MIR student, discussed the role of youth in maintaining and enhancing national interests, political and economic challenges in the current context of Afghanistan, and self-reliance from both political and economic perspectives. The panelists also engaged the audience and answered the students' questions.  

Furthermore, Mahmud Ajmiri, Assistant Professor at the Department of MBA, discussed the current economic situation of Afghanistan and the youth's crucial role in the economic development of Afghanistan.  

"It is a pleasure to organize a student panel discussion on important national topics. To become a self-sufficient country, millennials need to develop new ideas and propose innovative approaches to overcome such challenges. They also need to contribute to Afghanistan's political and economic development," said Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.  

Kardan University's Departments of MBA and MIR organized a joint student panel discussion, which helps students engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue examining both political and economic perspectives. "This is the beginning of a continuous engagement in which we will try to take the graduate student out of their classes and engage them in practical and student-centered platforms," said Fahim Sadat, Academic Administrator for the Department of MIR at Kardan University. 

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