Kardan University Organizes an Architecture Engineering Contest

Kardan University Organizes an Architecture Engineering Contest

The Civil Engineering Department at Kardan University conducted its first contest on Architecture Engineering among Civil Engineering students on January 26, 2021. 

In this competition, the students prepared a complete package of drawings of a two-story building, including building layouts, elevations, sections, and details. More than 80 students participated in the competition, from which 12 projects were accepted for the final evaluation.

Competitors attempted to lead the projects through the necessary procedures of designing an integrated building model. Building models contained photorealistic textures and were geometrically optimized simultaneously. They also had interior details and various elements that are not visible from the outside.

Mr. Rahmatullah Ibrahimy, Mr. Riaz Wardak, and Mr. Mir Abdul Qahar Razavy, lecturers

of the Civil Engineering Department, evaluated the student projects for their completeness and consideration of all the architectural standards. The certificates awarded for the three best projects based on the work's originality and the most practical projects with minimum errors. Ahmad Sayeed Dildar and Roman Helaman were the winning teams, followed by Tahmina securing the second position and Sajad Rahman in the third position.

Such competitions improve students' competence and persuade them to cooperate with architects and other engineering disciplines and improve their designs' reliability.

Ahmad Sayeed Dildar, the winner of the competition, stated that organizing these contests help students apply their knowledge in practical work and shows that Kardan University is committed to having the most vital role in the development of the education sector in Afghanistan, especially in the disciplines like Civil Engineering. 

Kardan University ceaselessly tries to provide the students with opportunities to grow and integrate theoretical and practical knowledge through such competitions.

For more information about Civil Engineering Department please visit kardan.edu.af/Academics/bce