Faculty of Economics Arranges a Study Tour to Crown Plastic Company

During the Study Tour to Crown Plastic Company

The Faculty of Economics at Kardan University arranged a study tour to Crown Plastic Company on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, to help students understand the production process, raw materials, recycling process, and quality of customer satisfaction.

Mohammad Qasim Ayaz, Lecturer for the Faculty of Economics, and Mr. Harron, Production Process Engineer of Crown Plastic Company, accompanied students on this tour. The primary purpose of the study tour was as follows:

  • Student's capacity development
  • Understanding the production process of a plastic company
  • Understanding the key responsibilities of employees toward sustainability
  • Understanding CSR corporate social responsibility of companies
  • Society and clean environment
  • Role of industries in pollution management
  • Understanding the role of industrialists toward clean and sustainable development
  • Role of government bodies towards sustainability
  • Mechanism and different techniques that could support environmental sustainability
  • Student's responsibilities toward the developed, clean and smooth environment

Kardan University recognizes achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG4: Quality Education, as one of the key objectives for students' future success and the community. Sustainability is a priority for Kardan University, reflecting everything from understanding the fundamentals of sustainability to knowing advance cutting-edge research to ensure future success.

To read more about sustainability initiatives at Kardan University, please visit www.kardan.edu.af/sustainability