Announcing the Fifth 40 Under 40 Awards Winners

At the announcing event of the Fifth 40 Under 40 Awards Winners

Kardan University is pleased to announce the ‘Fifth 40 Under 40 Awards Winners’ on Saturday, November 31, 2020, during a special event organized in Parwan-e-Du Campus. Mr. Mirwais Nahzat, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the University, spoke about the importance of this competitive award and its selection process to participants.

The primary purpose of this gathering was to recognize Kardan University's rising stars. The ‘40 Under 40 ‘Awards is presented to forty students and alumni who are under the age of 40.

"More than 250 students and alumni had applied for this competitive award, which took months for the judging panel, including the University Leadership, Faculty Deans, and Academic Administrators to assess and select the best talents. You have scored the highest marks and become '40 Under 40 Awards Recipients,' said Mr. Nahzat in his opening remarks.

He further added, "the selection process of the '40 Under 40’ nominees is based on students' performances and their positive impacts on society.”

"I am thrilled to be one of the honorees of ‘40 Under 40 Awards’—this boosts my self-confidence and gives me the momentum to work hard and positively influence people's lives in the community," said Dr. Morsal Ebady, a 40 Under 40 Award Winners.

As part of our commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly, SDG4: Quality Education, the University organizes the Fifth 40 Under 40 Awards Ceremony to recognize students' and alumni's academic and professional achievements and their positive impact on society.

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