Kardan University's BPSIR Department Organizes Mega Activity (Book Week)

A participating student at the 5th Book Fair of Kardan University, Book Week

The Department of Bachelor's in Political Science & International Relations (BPSIR) of Kardan University organized a mega activity week titled 'Book Week' starting from October 10 –16, 2020, in Parwan-e-Du Campus. A different set of activities implemented to promote book reading culture and research open to the public, including students, researchers, and faculty members.

These activities included a workshop, a session on Research Methodology, academic seminar, book exhibition, writing a book review, Facebook live session, lecture session on 'How to Read a Book Effectively', a presentation on the role of universities in promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) titled "Role of Universities in Promoting SDGs: Lessons for Afghanistan", and more.

This mega activity's main objective was to promote the culture of sustainability and integrate the University's joint efforts towards achieving the SDGs in all its undertakings—from its academics to co-and extracurricular activities across the three campuses and beyond.

Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Zahid Jalaly, Academic Administrator, Zakir Jalaly, Sidiqullah Sahel, and other faculty members of BPSIR Department jointly conducted these activities during a week dedicated for students and faculty members of the mentioned department.

Sumaya Ahmadi, a BPSIR student, newly published a novel titled "The Oldest Teenager". A book launching ceremony was held to recognize Ms. Ahmadi's endless efforts in writing the book where many faculty members and academic staff participated. "Improving the culture of reading and writing among the University students helps us move forward towards building a prosperous academic society and ultimately achieve SDG4: Quality Education and SDG1: Reducing Poverty," said Ms. Ahmadi.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hatam and Zahid Jalaly conducted a Facebook Live session discussing the ongoing conflict in the Nagarno-Karabakh region between the conflicting parties (Armenia and Azerbaijan). Besides discussing the conflict's legal perspective, they shed light on lessons we can learn to avoid further conflict and to bring sustainable and inclusive peace in Afghanistan.  

Dr. Hatam and Samiullah Ramaki also hosted a session on universities' role in promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Afghanistan. The presentation titled "Role of Universities in Promoting SDGs: Lessons for Afghanistan", delivered to the faculty members of the BPSIR Department. Participating members thanked the organizing team for providing such learning opportunities and promised to extend their full commitment and support to position Kardan University among the top universities in THE Impact Ranking 2021.

Kardan University takes pride in fostering co-and extracurricular activities and focuses on enhancing student engagement, recognition, and appreciation through rewards and certificates. The University consistently endeavors to provide educational events and practical work opportunities for its students, alumni, and faculty members to synchronize their theoretical lessons with more practical vision.

To read more about sustainability initiatives at Kardan University, please visit www.kardan.edu.af/sustainability