Kardan University's Law Faculty Lecturer Delivers a Speech on Introspection on Afghanistan TV

Mr. Ahmad Fardin Bakhtyari, Assistant Professor of Law Faculty, delivering a speech on Afghanistan TV

As part of our public activities and based on our commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG4: Quality Education and SDG17: Partnership for the Goals, Mr. Ahmad Fardin Bakhtyari, Assistant Professor of Law Faculty, delivered a speech on Introspection on Afghanistan TV on Friday, September 18, 2020.

The program's focus was on introspection and self-analysis, during which Mr. Bakhtyair delivered an inclusive speech about introspecting and its critical role in shaping the student's personality. A large number of students, researchers, and the general public had participated in the event.

"As a student, I found today's session quite interesting and helpful for many reasons. I learned that understanding myself as a person helps me set smart goals, be productive, and bring positive change in other's lives in the community," said one participant.

As the most recognized and the only academic institution being ranked in Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking from Afghanistan in 2020, Kardan University prioritizes integrating sustainability in all its educational programs and undertakings. Doing so motivates other academic institutions and the general public to engage in sustainability-related activities and ultimately achieve SDGs in Afghanistan.

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