Virtual Session on The Role of Trade and Transit in Economic Development

Mr. Hojat Fazly, CEO of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Afghanistan

The Faculty of Economics of Kardan University conducted an online guest speaker session on SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth on Monday, October 5, 2020, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. The session's focus was on 'Delivering Inclusive Growth: Role of Trade and Transit in Economic Development'.

Mr. Hojat Fazly, CEO of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Afghanistan, presented the virtual session. He shed light on Afghanistan's potential to deliver inclusive growth in terms of trade and transit in the country's economic development. He further discussed the current trade pattern in Afghanistan with many countries based on import and export—and the geographical location of Afghanistan plays a crucial role in linking various countries.

"Afghanistan functions as a transit hub between central and south Asian countries, which makes trade highly important for Afghanistan because of its economic development, including annual growth rate, GDP, and political influence over other countries around the globe," stated Mr. Fazly.

He further added, " to witness an inclusive and sustainable peace, we need to have a stable and thriving economy, and it is impossible to develop a sustainable economy by just injecting money in the economy; unless we have a diversified and circular economy."

Kardan University recognizes that achieving sustainable development goals is essential to our students, strategic partners, community and ultimately, our future success. Sustainability is a strategic priority at Kardan University, reflected in everything we do – from training our students on the fundamentals of sustainability to conducting cutting-edge research and ensuring that our campus operations are delivered in a sustainable and future-friendly manner.

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