Kardan University Provides Financial Support for Charmaghz

Children reading book at Charmaghz Mobile Library

Kardan University provided financial support for Charmaghz, a non-profit organization, to cultivate and enrich the reading culture among the young generation of Afghanistan, and ensure that they have access to books.

Freshta Karim, Founder & Director of Charmaghz, said, "we have noticed that a large majority of children do not have access to books in Afghanistan. Therefore, we have established this chain of mobile libraries to help school children read books on different topics and improve their general knowledge and critical thinking skills."

She further added, "it is great to see that Kardan University, as the most trusted and accredited academic institution in the county, is fulfilling its social responsibility by providing financial support and encouragement to Charmaghz."

Muzmil, an advocate of Charmaghz, says, "I visit the library once a week and read books on a variety of topics. Besides reading, I enjoy engaging in poem reading and word-matching games with other children."

Charmaghz has been operating for the past two-years with five active mobile library branches in Kabul. It is a Kabul-based registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting critical thinking among Afghan children. Charmaghz is run by a group of young Afghans who have a keen passion for reading and enriching school children's reading culture.

Read more: https://kardan.edu.af/data/public/files/Green_Bus_Report_for_Kardan.pdf