Information Session on Women’s Scholarship Endowment (WSE) Program

Information Session on Women’s Scholarship Endowment (WSE) Program at Kardan University

Kardan University organized an information session on the Women’s Scholarship Endowment (SWE) program on Monday, September 28, 2020, at 2:00 pm in Conference Hall Taimani Campus. The purpose of the session was to provide comprehensive awareness and clear instructions to interested female students about the application process and the scholarship eligibility criteria.     

The Women’s Scholarship Endowment (WSE) activity aims to assist Afghan women in obtaining a university education in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) or STEM-related fields such as Management Sciences, Accounting, Psychology, Research, Environment, etc.

These studies may overcome barriers to employment, raising their incomes, and in developing leadership roles within their families, communities, and in both public and private sector organizations.

WSE provides scholarships for tuition and student stipend. Students attending any private or public university in Afghanistan are eligible to apply.

“SWE is a long-term project funded by the USAID and aims to encourage women to study STEM or STEM-related fields in private and national universities in Afghanistan. This is because STEM-related fields are in high demand with fewer female professionals in the job market,” said Metra Mehran, WSE Manager.

Being the partner university of WSE in Kabul, Kardan University ensures that eligible female students are familiar with the application process and benefit from this wonderful learning opportunity to become independent and successful individuals and have a positive impact on their communities. For more information, refer to the link: