COVID-19 and its Psychological Impact on Unemployment

Following the series of seminars, the Faculty of Economics at Kardan University organized the fourth virtual seminar on ‘Unemployment During COVID-19: The Psychology of Job Loss’ on Tuesday, July 28, at 2:00 PM.

Dr. Perfecto G. Aquino, Jr., Professor at Duy Tan University, Vietnam, conducted the session for the students of this faculty. He engaged with the audience by asking about the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives in Afghanistan, mainly in terms of unemployment caused by the pandemic. Some students shared their concerns and experiences with the audience.

“More than 216 countries are in limbo right now uncertain of the future, especially the poor and developing countries. Not only underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, but the recession has been equally prevalent in the developed countries,” Said Dr. Perfecto.

He further added, “in the USA, more than 10 million Americans categorically lost their jobs temporarily. Almost all the industries in America have been paralyzed starting from the airline industry, transportation, service industry, accommodation, educational service, arts, and entertainment”.

He ended the session by highlighting the importance of coping mechanisms to cope with mental and emotional effects. We need to accept the feelings; we are humans with a brain that can address threats, employment in this case, and accordingly adapt to the situations.