Virtual Training on VoIP Systems

Kardan University’s CISCO LAB conducted a series of virtual training on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for the students of Computer Science Department starting Jun 13 – June 17, 2020.

The online training sessions were facilitated by Ahmadullah Azizi, Kardan CISCO LAB Officer. It was a mix of theory and practical training session with an emphasis on the VoIP architecture, its components and how the VoIP works.

Main objectives of the training:
• Understanding the VoIP and its components
• Developing practical network knowledge & skills in a professional environment
• Learning to design and selecting the best topology for the VoIP
• Acquiring the knowledge and skills required to prepare a network having VoIP
• Describing VoIP and its primary purposes

“It was a great opportunity for us to get familiarized with the VoIP operating system and architecture during these challenging times. We truly thank the University for organizing such practical virtual sessions,” said one student.

Kardan University provides online training workshops and learning opportunities aimed at helping its students improve their understanding of modern technologies and their applications in day-to-day business operations while studying from home.