Successful Conclusion of the OBE-SCL Training Workshop

For the first time among private universities, the Higher Education Development Program (HEDP) at Ministry of Higher Education organized a training workshop for Kardan University faculty on the topic of ‘Objective Based Education – Student Centered Learning (OBE-SCL). The workshop which started on July 16, 2018 was successfully concluded on August 14, 2018.

At the certificates distribution ceremony which was held on November 7 at Kardan University’s conference hall, HEDP Director, Mr. Noor Ahmad Darwish said “we are very glad that Kardan University is the first private university which has initiated this process and organized the workshop for its faculty. Following in their footsteps, several other universities have sent us their requests for facilitating the same program for them. By concluding the program at Kardan University, we now have completed training a total of 258 lecturers throughout Afghanistan, which is a valuable step towards standardizing higher education in the country.

The workshop was attended by a total of 35 lecturers from different programs at Kardan University. 28 of the participants successfully completed the whole program and were awarded certificates of completion. On this occasion, the Faculty Development Coordinator, Mr. Samandar Bawar said “First of all I would like to thank MoHE for delivering this important program and then I want to appreciate the efforts of all those individuals who were involved in making this program a success. Same as Kardan University is the first private university to organize this program, we commit that we will be the first to actually implement Objective Oriented Learning and Student Centered Education in our university.

The event was concluded with distribution of completion certificates to 28 participating lecturers as well as certificates of appreciation to the organizers of the training program.