Panel Discussion Hosted by MIR Department

The Master's in International Relations (MIR) Department at Kardan University inaugurated its series of Panel Discussions which are aimed at exploring different issues which have significance at national and regional levels.

The first session of the series was organized on July 9, 2018 at the Taimani Campus hall, with the subject ‘Why Is Afghanistan in its Current Situation?” The panelists were: Mr. Fahim Sadat, Mr. Sayed Ali Sayed, Mr. Farhadullah Farhad and Dr. Khalid Hatam. The panel was moderated by Mr. Rameen M. Javid. in audience for the debate were members of the Kardan University management, faculty, staff and students, including VC Academics.

Following is a brief description of how this session was conducted and how next sessions will be delivered:

The purpose of the panel discussions is to create an academic approach for students to discussion, learning, analysis and critique any given situation.

The structure of the discussion would be panel of academics (not experts - as experts would have to have worked in their own fields for at least 5 years). The panel would include at least four panelists plus the moderator who may or may not join in the discussion as a subject-matter-expert. Each panelist would have 5 minutes to speak about a topic or a particular angle in the topic. During the five minutes, the panelist needs to mention his/her main points and problems and solutions for it. The moderator will pose his/her questions and then the Q&A will be open to panelists who can ask each other questions. Then after 30 minutes of panel discussion, we will open the Q&A to the audience.