Kardan University Co-hosts 2nd International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship

From May 2 – 4, Kardan University, together with President University and Indonesia Strategic Management Society, organized the second International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship (ICFBE). The event’s purpose was to tackle challenges faced by small and medium enterprises and family firms around the world. The conference was held at Patra Resort and Villas in Bali, Indonesia. The program included panel discussions, six keynote speakers with three plenary sessions and five panel sessions:

  • Business Disruption: How it Works and What to Anticipate? (Plenary Session 1)

  • The Implementation of Performance Management and Sustainability in Family Businesses (Plenary Session 2)

  • Agile Entrepreneurs in a More Disruptive Business Era (Plenary Session 3)

  • Entrepreneurship (Panel Session)

  • Business Sustainability (Panel Session)

  • Strategic Management (Panel Session)

  • Family Business (Panel Session)

  • Business Sustainability (Panel Session)

ICFBE is one of the first such events, designed around the increasing attention surrounding entrepreneurship and family businesses in emerging economies. More than 200 scholars, policy makers, academics and business practitioners from different countries came together to discuss the ways in which entrepreneurship can help individual companies and the larger, worldwide economy grow. Mr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto (Rector, President University) inaugurated the conference. Dr. Roeen Rahmani (President, Kardan University) as a keynote speaker, highlighted the most impressive global modern practices and trends in Business Disruption. In his presentation, Dr. Rahmani talked about the notion of larger companies preying on smaller ones, which is now being redefined by the smaller firms becoming more vibrant. “It happened in the past. The situation is different now; the small fish will now prey on large fish, and this is happening in the disruption era”, said Dr. Rahmani.

150 papers on seven different tracks were presented across 3 days during the conference. The seven tracks were:

1.Focusing on Entrepreneurial Education

2. Emphasis on Marketing Related Studies

3. Emphasis on Leadership Related Studies

4. Focusing on SMEs Related Studies

5. On Specific Industry Related Studies

6. Emphasis on Accounting & Finance Related Studies

7.Emphasis on Human Capital Related Studies.

Among 150 papers presented by scholars from different countries, 7 best papers were selected for recognition of best paper award token where Ms. Nazifa Nasri (alumni of Kardan University) shined as a star and came 4th among 150 papers. Mr. Rahmani had the pride to issue tokens of appreciation to the top 7 papers.

The Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship has been a valuable platform for the exchange of ideas among scholars, policy makers, academics, business practitioners and others since it was first organized in 2017.