Kardan University at Berlin Economic Forum

Kardan University represented Afghanistan in Berlin Economic Forum 2018 held on 9th – 11th March 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Academic Administrator MBA program, Mr. Wais Wahab, Assistant Professor Qais Mohammadi, Bachelor’s in Economics student, Mr. Abdul Waheed Khalili and one of our alumni, Mr. Etebar Zadran participated in the forum representing Afghanistan and in particular Kardan University. They analyzed, debated and assessed the changing education trends in the world and how to keep pace with them in Afghanistan.

This Economic Forum was organized by Institute for Cultural Diplomacy to analyze and debate global trends of nation branding with particular focus on sustainable business, tourism and responsible foreign investments and demonstrated how these could be used as primary drivers for economic growth.

It is a matter of concern that the changing world of emerging Artificial Intelligence has taken over the IT markets worldwide, while the increased number of youth graduates and their excessive supply in the squeezed labor market has made it difficult to find a job. How could we change the education systems to make the labor force ready for the future jobs that might be drastically different from today.

Meanwhile, they also discussed the best methods and experiences of reshaping and reforming the economy of Afghanistan using the experience of other participant nations. Specifically, the experience of Georgia in fighting corruption was one of the best ways to fight corruption in Afghanistan. It is interesting that Georgia had terminated all their traffic police at once and the country had no traffic police for weeks, but they could survive that and now they have a corruption free traffic system.

Kardan University representatives presented the true heart of Afghan people and their desire for peace. They also debated the diversified culture of Afghan people and the Afghan style of living. A major focus was on the need for economic growth and development that could have been achieved only if there was peace in the country.