National Job and Education Fair

We at Kardan University believe that the responsibility of a modern institution is beyond facilitating educational classes and material to students and offering them academic certificates by the end. We as a forward thinking University take additional responsibility to support students and Alumni in making the right career choice and assist them in pursuing a suitable career while studying at Kardan or in post-graduation period. In order to pursue our forward thinking ambition, Kardan University Success Centre jointly organized a three day Job and Education Fair in partnership with Plan Future Consulting Services.

Kardan Career Service Centre staff promoted the Fair through social media and directly calling Kardan students and Alumni. The staff that were designated to serve visitors at the Job Fair were given a pre-event training by the Success Centre Co-ordinator and Career Services Centre Manager. Informational material and banners were prepared by Career Services Centre staff two days before the start of the event.

On the day of the job fair, registration of students started at 8am and the types of visitors and their queries varied from random questions to looking for admission in Kardan University and job opportunities. Based on Plan Future Report, the event had almost 20,000 visitors. 270 Kardan students visited Kardan University's booth. Out of 270 visitors 40 were Alumni or final year students and the rest were from various semesters and faculties.

The fair was inaugurated at 10:00 am and many Government and Private Entities took part in the inauguration ceremony. Ceremony participants included representatives from Kardan University, Plan Future Consulting, USAID, ACCI and organisations that had booths in the Fair.

Kardan Career Services Centre's Assistance Desk mainly had four functions:

Identifying vacancies and building relationship with employers

During the three day event, KCSC staff visited the employers' booths on regular basis. These visits were being carried out for the purpose of identifying vacancies and establishing contact with the employers for possible future collaborations or partnerships. Moreover, many of the reputable employers were also invited to Kardan sofa for further discussions on the prospects of future partnership.

Registering Kardan University's final year and alumni students

As KCSC is currently only providing placement and internship opportunities to final year students and Alumni, at the event the focus was more on these two categories of students. KCSC's Assistance Desk first registered students from these categories into a database and then assisted them with their queries.

Referring non-Kardan visitors to Admissions Desk

While the focus of the desk was more on Kardan students and Alumni, KCSC Assistance Desk did make sure that all visitors were served professionally and efficiently. The visitors that weren't associated with Kardan, were referred to the Admission desk or other booths according to the assessment of their need. KCSC also made sure that Admission Desk registered as many persons as possible for the upcoming Konkor exams.

Introducing Kardan University jobseekers to employers

KCSC staff at the Fair made sure that Kardan jobseekers were guided and assisted in the most efficient way possible. On most instances a member of KCSC staff accompanied the individual jobseeker to the right employer with pre-identified vacancies. As a result of this method, many Kardan jobseekers found their career of choice to apply for and established contact with the employer through KCSC staff members.