Kardan University's Department of Law Holds its Annual Moot Court

The Department of Law at Kardan University organized its annual moot court aiming to raise students’ level of legal and professional knowledge, acquaintance with the principles of fair trials, a better understanding of theoretical issues, acquiring legal skills, and creating a healthy competition among law students. The session was held on February 4, 2020, at the Conference Hall in Taimani Campus.

Law Faculty professors had selected the participating students for the moot court, where 3rd and 4th-semester students from evening and morning batches formed two competing teams and each one worked on a hypothetical case, separately organized and heard. Each team consisted of a jury, a prosecutor, a lawyer, a secretary, a defendant, witnesses, and legal advisers – all performed by students themselves.

Mr. Obidullah Hamid, Deputy of the Independent Association of Attorneys of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, said, “organizing moot courts is essential for gaining practical knowledge, and besides learned theories, it required law students to equip themselves with professional skills and conduct.”

The competition was judged by a panel of judges, including the representatives from the Judiciary, Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and the Independent Association of Attorneys of Afghanistan – where awards were given to the best Judge, Prosecutor and best Attorney by the university leadership.

Kardan University always strives to provide practical opportunities to enhance students’ capacity and knowledge on different fronts.