Kardan University Journalism Student Participates in the 12th Bali Democracy Forum

Samiullah Zargarzada, a Journalism student of Kardan University, along with Mr. Faizullah Zaki, Afghanistan Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia, represented Afghanistan in the 12th Bali Democracy Forum held in Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the countries that support democracy and holds an Annual Democracy Forum in Bali, which brings together representatives from across the globe.

Seventy-two ambassadors from various countries and 160 students from universities around the world had participated in this year’s conference, including Samiullah Zargarzada from Kardan University.

Ms. Rento Marsudi, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, in her speech, said, “Democracy can be expanded through seminars, productive dialogues, and effective advertising tools.”

She further added, “women play a significantly important role in securing democracy; therefore, we should avoid looking at them as victims. Instead, women have the potential to become heroes of democracy across nations.”

The two-day conference held on December 5th and 6th ended by a joint declaration that advocates democracy with a particular emphasis on women's role in society.