Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Building Partnerships

To institutionalize the process of establishing partnerships, the Office of International Affairs and Strategic partnerships in consultation with Vice-Chancellor of Kardan University, has developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). At the heart of the whole process is the Strategic Partnerships Consultative Committee (SPCC), which focuses on:

• Prioritizing strategic partnerships and internationalization activities
• Seeking suggestions on potential partnerships
• Effectively utilizing existing partnerships
• Providing consultation and support for outbound and inbound students
• Providing consultation and support on Kardan University’s participation in international conferences and events
• Providing consultation on new program-level initiatives such as Tech Centre for Women or Business Incubation Centre

SPCC held its first meeting on January 5th, 2020. The meeting kicked-off with opening remarks by Meena Rahmani, Vice-Chancellor, and followed by a detailed presentation of SOP by Nasrat Rahimi, Manager of Strategic Partnerships.

The presentation provided details of ‘Standard Operating Procedure for Establishing Partnerships’ and ensuring that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related activities are at the heart of each partnership. The presentation also reiterated on the engagement of departments in terms of consultation, implementation, assessment, and reporting against progress made.

“Based on the current status and the level of international engagements and relationships, the departments should allocate internationalization efforts within their work plans and ensure that the process is carried out with success,” said Director for International Affairs and Strategic Partnerships.

Furthermore, the committee stressed on utilizing and engaging current partners to jointly produce research papers focusing on critical societal issues relevant to SDGs.

As a leading institution, Kardan University extensively invests in conducting academic researches, strengthening its international engagements, and strategic partnerships to generate knowledge and improve the quality of education in Afghanistan.