Blood Donation: A Noble Endeavor to Save Lives

Blood Donation Campaign
Kardan University celebrated #WorldBloodDonorDay with a heartfelt blood donation drive at its Main Campus on June 14, 2024. The event was graced by Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, Chancellor of Kardan University, and Mr. Jamshid Seddiqi, Vice Chancellor (Academics), alongside esteemed faculty members, academic and administrative staff, and compassionate students.
The primary aim of this initiative was to elevate understanding regarding the critical significance of blood donation and to inspire members of the university community to actively engage in this selfless act. By cultivating awareness and encouraging participation, the event sought to underscore the pressing need for blood donations and the profound impact that each individual's contribution can have on saving lives. Kardan University remains steadfast in its commitment to not only academic excellence but also to championing social causes that benefit society as a whole.
At the campaign's close, an admirable total exceeding 20,250 CC of blood was generously donated and subsequently submitted to the Blood Central Bank, symbolizing a united dedication to the noble cause of blood donation and embodying the spirit of humanity and communal involvement fostered by such endeavors.
As Afghanistan's premier academic institution, Kardan University remains resolute in upholding its pledge to fulfill its social duties and make a positive impact on the community.