Kardan University Faculty of Economics Organizes a Workshop on Afghanistan’s Insurance Industry

The Faculty of Economics at Kardan University organized a one-day workshop on December 18, 2019, delivered by Mr. Mahboob Frotan from Sky International Insurance Company. The focus of the session was on ‘the introduction to Afghanistan’s Insurance Industry: Challenges and Opportunities’.

The workshop was aimed at highlighting significant concepts and guidelines regarding the opportunities and challenges faced by the insurance industry in Afghanistan. More than 60 students participated in the workshop.

Mr. Misbah Uddin Babakarkhail, Mr. Abdul Basit Dawlatzai, and the Academic Administrator of BBA Mr. Fawad Asim jointly conducted the session.

Mr. Mahboob Frotan, who has a rich experience in the insurance industry of Afghanistan with a commitment to shaping the industry through strong leadership, led the session. He started his career in banking and finance but quickly moved to the insurance industry.

The session covered the following topics:

• What is Insurance
• Insurance terminologies
• History of Insurance in Afghanistan
• Principles of Insurance
• Underwriting and Reinsurance
• Afghanistan Insurance Market
• Companies in Afghanistan
• Opportunities and Insurance

“We are extremely thankful for Kardan University for organizing such workshop sessions which helps us in obtaining practical insight into a critical topic from the industry experts,” said one of the participating students.

Towards the end of the workshop, queries of students were answered by the guest lecturer, Mr. Frotan, and appreciation certificate was awarded to the respected guest by Kardan University management team.