Kardan University Debaters Shine at the Millennium National Debate Tournament

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) organized the Millennium National Debate Tournament (MNDT) 2019 on 27th and 28th December at Poly-technique University, Kabul Afghanistan.

More than fifty teams from different universities, including Kabul University, Kardan University, Poly-technique University, PDI of the American University of Afghanistan, Balkh University, and Samangan University had participated in this tournament.

In the tournament, Kardan University had ten teams and a judge seat led by Ms. Hasina Nasri leader of the Kardan University debate club.

The tournament was organized to have a quarter-final in which sixteen teams would compete, a round of semifinal with eight teams and the final round, with four teams contesting in a common hall.

Four teams of Kardan university qualified to the semifinal and two teams in the final, where they secured the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. Meanwhile, Mr. Idreess Qaderi, one of the finalists from the BCS Department, received the second-best speaker award of the tournament.

The MNDT 2019 focuses on promoting goal 16 of the global goals (peace, justice, and strong institutions) across the globe.

Dr. Amirzada Ahmadzai, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, said, “our goal is that, in addition to technical skills, students should develop rational thinking and strengthen their abilities to discuss current and hot topics and express themselves. Therefore, we motivate our students to take part in university, national and international competitions in various disciplines. We are determined to continue these practices.”

“I have been debating since my second semester, and it has positively influenced my academic career. I won two debate championships and received the best speaker award in the Millennium National Debate Championship (MNDC). Debating increases the learner's confidence and self-esteem. It also provides engaging learning methods and increases rigorous higher-order and critical thinking.” Said, Muhammad Idreess Qaderi, a third-semester Computer Science student.