Information Session Held About the Upcoming Hult Prize On-Campus Event

Kardan University’s Office of Students Involvement and Events organized an information session for the upcoming Hult Prize On-Campus event on December 16, 2019. With over 80 Students in attendance, students were oriented on the different stages of the Hult Prize competition. Also, a case cracking session was conducted to explain the challenge for all teams.

Every year the ‘Nobel Prize for students’ (Hult Prize) is organized in partnership with the United Nations and Education First initiative. It is considered to be the most significant Social entrepreneurship competition worldwide. Each year, a social issue related to SDGs is chosen and made into the challenge of the year. Students (3 or 4 in each team) from all around the world gather together to solve a particular challenge announced by Ex-President Bill Clinton annually and $1,000,000 is awarded to the winning team at the United Nations HQ in New York.

The competition starts with each campus hosting their respective On-Campus events known as the quarter-finals round after which winning teams from each On-Campus event proceed to the semifinals stage of the competition.

The On-Campus event is set to be held at Kardan University on December 30, 2019, where the top teams from the competition will be selected to represent Kardan University in the Regional Finals stage (Semifinals) in any of 30 cities around the world to compete for the $1,000,000. Registered teams will pitch their ideas each within given six minutes to a panel of judges on the event day.