BBA and Economics Students Visit Azizi Bank on an Educational Tour

The Office of Career Services, in collaboration with Azizi Bank, arranged an educational tour to Azizi Bank on December 15, 2019 for a group of students from the BBA and Economics departments.

Azizi Bank’s Deputy CEO, Mr. Saleem Habibi and HR Director, Ms. Madina Nimat, welcomed the students.

The tour included visiting all departments of the bank, observing the work environment and asking questions from the staff about different aspects of the bank’s operations.

The most important part of the tour ws the internship and employment opportunity that all of the participating students will have at Aziz Bank. CVs were collected from all of the students by the bank’s HR representative.

During the tour, the students learned about new products, digital marketing and loan procedures at Azizi bank. They also visited the HR, Western Union, Marketing and Treasury departments.

Participating students expressed gratitude for Kardan University’s collaboration with major institutions through which such opportunities are facilitated for its students. One of the BBA students, Masiullah Azizi stated that “such trips are very beneficial for students’ practical knowledge building, as we were able to visit different departments of the bank and learn about the implementation of different concepts that we had learned in our Banking classes”. Frishta Shewa, another BBA student said: “The fact that we can be enrolled in an internship program at Azizi Bank is a plus point for our professional careers”.