Civil Engineering Students Attend a Three Month Internship Program at MUDL

The Office of Career Service, in collaboration with the Ministry of Urban Development and Land, organized an internship opportunity for 17 Civil Engineering students at the Engineering Services and Buildings Directorate of that ministry. The program lasted for three months, from September to November 2019.

This internship program assisted participating students in enriching their bachelor program studies, and it added value to their skills and abilities which, till then, was mostly based on their theoretical and practical lessons.

During the program, students had the chance to visit the administrative offices of the ministry and gain information about the staff and work process model of the Engineering Services Directorate.

Ahmad Bilal Yusuf, one of the participating students, said, “internships are essential for completing our degree programs. The program organized by Kardan University was a unique opportunity for us to learn from highly experienced experts at the ministry and use the knowledge for the betterment of the country”. Another participant, Abdul Mujeeb Maroof, stated, “we gained beneficial insights into our profession, civil engineering.”

At the end of the program, certificates of completion were awarded to the students. A brief ceremony was held on Dec 9, 2019, at the ministry, which was attended by Mr. Amin Hakimi, Manager, Office of Career Services at Kardan University and senior management from the ministry.

Mr. Sayed Masud Jalal, Director of Engineering Services and Buildings, congratulated the students on their successful completion of the program. He advised the participants on how to prolong the journey and become successful engineers in the future.