A Guest Lecture Session on Money Laundering and Anti Money Laundering Policy

The Faculty of Economics at Kardan University organized a one-day guest lecture on Money Laundering and Anti-money Laundering Policy for the students of BBA and BSc. Economics.

The session was held on Wednesday, November 11, 2019, at Parwan-e-Du Campus, with a particular focus on 'the methods of money laundering and how the financial intelligence units deal with them.

Ms. Zarghona Mangal, an investigator at FINTRACA, a Financial Intelligence Unit associated with the Central Bank of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Bank), delivered a comprehensive lecture that both the students and faculty members took great interest in.

Mohammad Amin, a BBA student, stated, “I gained practical insight about a critical issue that is of great concern in the financial world today, and I expect the University will organize more of such seminars in future.”

The educational event ended with a Q&A session, during which answers were provided to the questions of the faculty members and the students, respectively.

Kardan University invites industry experts and talented professionals to deliver presentations on a variety of topics to enhance better learning and teaching environment for its students.