Kardan University Organizes Annual Job Fair 2019

To facilitate employment opportunities for its students and alumni, Kardan University organized the ‘Job Fair 2019’ on Wednesday, November 13 at the Taimani Conference Hall.
25 well-known national and international organizations and companies announced some 100 vacancies aiming to hire qualified and competent professionals.

“The purpose of this job fair is to enhance employment opportunities for Kardan University students and alumni, and we are proud to help our students get employed in renowned national and international organizations,” said Mr. Mohammad Amin Hakimi, Manager, Office of Career Services at Kardan University.

Ms. Zahra Yusufi, a 7th-semester Computer Sciences Student, stated that “I have submitted job applications to certain organizations, and I am hopeful to find a job in my relevant field.”

“As a manufacturing company, we have always supported the private sector and our purpose for joining this event is to offer job opportunities for young and talented professionals. The Annual Job Fair is a great initiative of Kardan University, and we hope to find competent applicants through this event,” stated Mr. Shuaib Samadi, Manager, HR at Habib Gulzar Limited.

Abdullah Sadaat, representing Business DNA Magazine, said, “we have announced 11 vacancies, and are hopeful to find skilled professionals for the announced positions. This is a great opportunity both for job seekers and companies looking for young and motivated professionals – therefor, we appreciate Kardan University for organizing such events.”

The ‘Job Fair 2019’ is the 7th annual event of its kind Kardan University organizes to facilitate job opportunities for its students and alumni.