Kardan University Students Visit the Historical Archive at Arg Palace

A group of students from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications of Kardan University visited the Historical Archive at Arg (Presidential Palace) on Thursday, 31 October 2019.

Mir Mohammad Sediq Zaliq, Head of Journalism Department accompanied students, while, Mr. Rafiullah Azizi, the person-in-charge of the Archive at the Palace provided in-depth explanation about the historical artifacts and how they are maintained.

Presidential Palace Archive has a collection of artworks, manuscripts, film rolls, and photographs that exhibit the past 100 years’ history and major events in the country.

Mr. Azizi stated, “the written scripts at the Presidential Place include decrees, approvals, correspondence, treaties, property papers, royal books, and the profiles of Arg Palace and the Department of Public Affairs employees.”

He added that “these items have been brought from various sites, first to the Arg Laboratory. After testing and analysis, they are digitized and then archived in the right place.

The second part of the archive includes films, documentaries, and informative films which have been digitized and recorded respectively. Whereas the third component includes historical photographs collected from different locations across the country.”

The students visited different sections of the Arg Palace Archives, such as Restoration, Archiving, Scripting, Photography, and Videography sections. During the visit, two films were screened to students; the first one showcased the lives of Kabul residents over the past 45 years, while the second film was about the civil war and the previous three regimes over 18 years. In the end, informational brochures about Arg and notepads were distributed to students.

Kardan University arranges study tours for its students to visit historical sites, monuments, and archives to improve their knowledge of the history of Afghanistan.