Kardan University Law Students Visit Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC)

45 of Kardan University’s Law students visited Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

Mr. Khwaja Jamshed Sediqi, Academic Administrator, Department of Law, accompanied students in this study tour, and provided a comprehensive explanation about the activities of AIHRC, as an advocate of human rights in Afghanistan.

“Human knowledge is gained in two ways; theoretically and practically. – through study tours, students can gain practical awareness on the operation of organizations and enhance their understanding of these institutions,” said Mr. Sediqi.

The AIHRC representative accompanying the visiting team, stated that “this organization will always warmly appreciate students to visit and look into the engagements and programs of this commission”

The students visited different divisions of AIHRC, and useful information was presented to them by Mr. Abdulqadir, Head of Secretariat, Abdul Ahad Farzan, Head of Kabul Regional Office, and the coaching team of AIHRC.

Mr. Sediqi thanked AIHRC and expressed his readiness for sustained mutual cooperation between the two institutions.
Based on the Bonn Agreement, AIHRC was established to support human rights in Afghanistan in 2002. After the Constitution of Afghanistan was ratified, AIHRC was formally recognized as the monitoring commission of human rights in the country. Based on the 85th article of the constitution, anyone can complain about human rights violations to this commission.

Students described this study tour quite useful in terms of boosting their understanding of human rights and emphasized the need for having such tours in future too.