Economics Faculty Students Site Visit to Habib Gulzar Beverages Company

The Economics Faculty of Kardan University organized a site visit to Habib Gulzar Non-alcoholic Beverages Limited on October 26, 2019, in which around 50 Economics and Business Management students were taken on a tour of the soft drink manufacturing company.

The main purpose of this tour was to enhance practical understanding of the subject (Industrial Economics) for BS Economics and other related subjects (Management, Marketing, and Finance) for BBA students.

Such site visits are significantly important as students learn only theoretical aspects of the subject in class. Therefore, to understand the practical aspects of the subjects, students need to visit different industries and enrich their overall understanding of their courses.

The students were led by Mohammad Rafiq Mokhles and Misbahullah Babrakkhail. After being introduced to the company by one of the company managers, students visited the administration offices and the field of operation. The company representative provided detailed information about the company and its production lines.

Besides understanding the practical aspects of Industrial Economics, students learned about the different products of Habib Gulzar and discussed various matters related to the company’s operations such as:
• Production factors’ availability
• Company’s market access
• Demand for the company’s products
• Raw materials sources
• Quantity of goods regularly produced
• The production capacity of Habib Gulzar Beverages Limited

To offer a world-class education, Kardan University facilitates site visits, study tours, and training workshops to help its students gain a comprehensive understanding of their courses of study, and equip them with the skills and competencies required in the job market.