Kardan University Organizes Moot Court for Law Students

In order to provide an opportunity for the Law student to practice what they learn in the classroom, Kardan University organizes Moot Court events on a periodic basis. These programs help students practically experience court proceedings, investigation of cases, boosting defense skills and procedures and formalities of holding a court session.

They can have improved abilities in actual legal practices once they complete their degree programs.

“This program offers a great opportunity for law students to boost their skills in legal proceedings,” said Khwaja Jamshed Sediqi, Head of Department of Law at Kardan University.

Participating students in this competition divide into two separate groups, work on a hypothetical case and gain relevant training from experts over a four-month time period.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be recognized by law experts and Kardan University Leadership.

Kardan University always provides competitive opportunities aiming to improve students’ academic and professional capabilities, which have been quite effective thus far.